As for the girls

Continuing with Gerald Nathan Hodgson’s Northwest family narrative, with thanks to Michael Howard Hodgson:

Hattie married Parker Harvey — remained in Iowa — had two daughters and died young. [Hattie’s children — Hazel, Harold and Grace. Stella still living.]

Emma married Thomas Bay — they moved out here after died after the others. She died after having two children — Mabel and Forest. Grandma and Grandpa raised them.

Ruby married Levy Long — eventually he moved to Canada and in the Twenties moved back here to the states. She had three children: Aurel, Adrian and Sylvan [Cleon S.. I don’t think he [Elias] ever succeeded in farming out other members of the family as he had Dad. The girls may have worked out some but they would not have received much more than board and a clothing allowance. John worked out but was less steady and was more disposed to spend his time and money on private hell-raising and got into at least one scrape that cost them money. Myron was still just a kid and I have gathered that he felt that he had a tough enough ‘row to hoe’ also, just staying with the family.

What do you do with the family photos that don’t fit into the story? I can’t find Helen in the text, but here she is early on. Might she be Hazel?


And then much later.

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