Pleasant Hodgdon in Damariscotta

My great-father was Pleasant, though his surname wasn’t spelled quite this way and he lived his whole life in North Carolina. Still, it’s a variant on the original and made me chuckle each time we passed it. (Damariscotta, Maine.)

She was, I’m told, quite colorful

Perhaps if all the research had already been done, we wouldn’t be nearly as engaged. Still, once in a while, we find one of our lines quite thoroughly worked out. This has happened just twice for me – once, with my Ozbun lineage, and again with my McSherry side, the latter because of the work of Agnes Winkleman assisted by Gale Honeyman, who was, I should note, also a Spitler descendant.

She treasured her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Here’s a bit from one of our exchanges.

I mentioned to a good friend of mine who is associated with the Brookville Spitler House about your interest in the Ehrstine family and she put these three pages together …

I have found the Ehrstine Cemetery and it is not where I thought it was. It is located just north of a large shopping center on a narrow road that is much traveled.

            Agnes Winkleman, 1985