Pay attention, all the same

The other document is from … Iowa. It is obviously in error in many ways. I find that there is an interesting entry, though. The document reports that George Hodson married Rachel Christie instead of Rachel Oldham. That makes three different documents (all from the Ohio or Iowa area) that list her name a Rachel […]

In this matter of surname spelling

We’ve also considered the possibility of a connection with Erstein in Alsace, and I’ve saved some sugar packets from Strasbourg that were manufactured by ‘Sucre Ehrstein.’ My sister also located the name ‘Aloise Ehrstein’ from the early 1800s in an engraving in the cathedral (Munster) in Freiburg, Germany …             Glenn Ehrstine, 2007

Overlooked details

I’ve concluded that Robert [Hodgson, of the Woodhouse] was himself in Ireland in 1656, and one of his companions was William Shaw. They were writing back to people in County Durham: Richmonds, Trotter, etc. … Sarah Gibbons not only drowned off Providence [Rhode Island], she was buried in Scotts’ garden. Sabron Newton, 1995