Explaining his efforts

Another huge – and generous – collaborator in those early years lived in Richmond, Indiana, and – as it turned out – had worked in newspapers as a career. He’s quoted extensively in some of the chapters here. As he related in one of our last exchanges: No longer do I travel around the country […]

In the matter of collaboration

As I hope this blog demonstrates, so much genealogical research becomes a collaborative effort. When I first got started, back in the ’80s, much of it mine was with Floyd Hodson, a cousin of my father’s generation. When I speak of collaboration, let’s not overlook his wife. I had Melba type up my notes because […]

A generation or two too late

I have spent a small fortune trying to unravel the thing. Still draw a blank. … So it goes when [we] get started too late. Two generations ago there would be plenty of information for the asking. P.S. I just turned 78 years old and it is difficult to type, harder yet to write. Abram […]