One fateful turning point

The central, most dramatic moment in the entire Orphan George chronology concerns his tragic Atlantic Ocean crossing. Not that everyone accepts the account, as I admit in the unfolding narrative that runs through this blog. Still, its quickly sketched record, told as widely as it was early on, brings both drama and tragedy into account. […]

The novel I couldn’t write

As I began piecing together the narrative that now runs through this site, I had pondered aspects of presenting the story as a large-scale novel. It’s an idea I long ago discarded. Any structure itself would be problematic. Trying to span eight to 12 generations quickly sprawls out of focus. How many characters can you […]

I know they wouldn’t have approved

Trying to flesh out the personalities of our ancestors can be difficult. Given our obsession of collecting birth dates and the like, I’ve sometimes wondered just what astrologers would do with the data. They would say their findings would be limited by our lack of a precise hour and minute of birth, but that wouldn’t […]