In the matter of collaboration

As I hope this blog demonstrates, so much genealogical research becomes a collaborative effort. When I first got started, back in the ’80s, much of it mine was with Floyd Hodson, a cousin of my father’s generation. When I speak of collaboration, let’s not overlook his wife. I had Melba type up my notes because […]


A generation or two too late

I have spent a small fortune trying to unravel the thing. Still draw a blank. … So it goes when [we] get started too late. Two generations ago there would be plenty of information for the asking. P.S. I just turned 78 years old and it is difficult to type, harder yet to write. Abram […]

Mutual criticism

A major part of genealogy research occurs in the correspondence over the years. One of the great compilers of George and Mary Thatcher Hodgson’s legacy shared some of my concerns about unsupported conclusions that had been published. He was active up to the time of his death. I had planned to meet him to discuss […]