Easter 1944

What makes this shot so special for me is that it includes both of my grandfathers. The man in the white shirt, front row, is Cecil Munroe, who died before I was born. From everything I’ve uncovered since, he was a remarkably warm and affectionate man — and a natural storyteller with a fine singing […]

Looking over Annette’s shoulder

Even with Internet everywhere and all of the opportunities it offers, genealogical research still comes down to a lot of paperwork. You make notes, scratch out possibilities, hit the historical archives and libraries, blow dust off books, and still send stuff off through the postal service. And, by the way, family research is always deepened […]

Another Gettysburg Avenue shot

Here’s a serious attempt to get the three kids to show something of their interests. Myrl’s embraces a big doll (unnamed). Donna holds a small teddy bear. And Dad’s looking studious. Note his hat, tossed to the side, likely when he was told it was obstructing his face. The window box reveals something of Grandma’s […]

Gettysburg Avenue

Again, a notation on a snapshot adds detail to the family’s moves. I am surprised by the sense of fashion style, considering Grandpa and Grandma’s later tastes. Also surprising is the cat that Dad’s holding. The only pets I remember Grandpa and Grandma owning were the parakeets and maybe a few goldfish.

Remembering Arthur

One of my weekly routines is picking up the mail at our Quaker Meeting’s post office box. Among the items we receive is the Earlhamite alumni magazine, and while I never attended Earlham College, it’s not far from where I grew up and, besides, I frequently enjoy perusing its handsome pages. In the most recent […]

421 Upland Avenue

Now joined by sister Donna, left, and a small boy (presumably a neighbor) identified only as “Cushman boy,” Myrl and Dad face the camera. The notation with the address provides me with one of the few clues regarding the family’s moves while renting before they finally bought the house I always knew as Grandpa and […]