Why I find this cow and calf in the stack of family photos still baffles me. Yes, I’ve already said farming was in Grandpa and Grandma’s blood, even though they had relocated to life in an industrial city.

But I still have no idea where this was taken. It’s too hilly to be the Binkley farm. Ditto for Uncle Samuel and Aunt Grace’s place, I think. Maybe over in Indiana?


Christmas Day 1960

My, how dated this looks!

I remember that Grandpa and Grandma had colored Christmas tree lights featuring long thin tubes of bubbling liquid, but those went into storage or maybe away altogether when they switched from a real tree to this then glaringly novel alternative. Yes, the aluminum Christmas tree — the one that presented a mortal hazard if one of those strands of lights sprung a short.

This tree was instead illuminated by the revolving filter and floodlight in the foreground.

We thought it was so hip, and since this was our grandparents’, a bit disconcerting, too. I am surprised by how small the tree is. I remember it as much larger …