Generation nine: Pleasant and Eunice Hodson/Hodgin

Even though Pleasant Hodson/Hodgin was not a member of the Society of Friends, his place within North Carolina Quaker culture becomes apparent in his decision to hide out during the Civil War years, rather than be conscripted by the Confederate army.

Although family documents in my possession spell the surname Hodson, other researchers report that Pleasant also used the Hodgin variation, especially on legal documents.

Spousal lines: Ozbun/Osban/Osborn, Buller, Ballard, possibly Mendenhall, Stanton, and Hoggatt/Hocket.

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Pleasant Hodson/Hodgin was born February 7, 1827, Guilford County, the son of George and Delilah (Britton/Rayle/Hunt) Hodson. He married, January 20, 1853, in Guilford County, Eunice Osban (May 1, 1834-September 27, 1910), daughter of Elisha and Nancy (Mendenhall?) Ozbun. Pleasant died May 20, 1908, Guilford County, and he and his wife are buried at Concord Friends burial ground in Sumner Township, Guilford County. Four known children:

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  1. Nancy Almeda, born January 6, 1854, Guilford County; died of measles, February 2, 1854, Guilford County.
  2. Luranna Ellen, born September 5, 1855, Guilford County; died June 29, 1882, (Guilford County?); married ( ) Craven ( – ). Two children: Eunice Elizabeth Craven, born August 16, 1877, and Nancy Delilah Craven, born August 18, 1879. In a family notebook, this entry then has a date, August 18th, 1901, and, in a different hand and in pencil rather than ink, “Eunice Elizabeth Sheby died August the 2 1906.”
  3. Joshua Francis, born November 23, 1857, Guilford County; died September 25, 1930, Spiceland, Indiana; married first, December 25, 1888, Josephine J. Jones, (November 15, 1867-May 13, 1891), daughter of Samuel B. and Rhoda (Coate) Jones; they had two sons. He married second, Alice McSherry (September 12, 1865-November 2, 1944), daughter of Amos and Mary Magdalene (Bayhill) McSherry; they had eight children.
  4. Thomas Franklin, born March 15, 1860, Guilford County; died December 15, 1937, Henry County, Indiana; married Anna Shipley, (1860 in Virginia-September 1926), daughter of ( ). They adopted Ethel Kelly (she would marry Paul Shipley), born January 30, 1906. Anna was killed in an interurban rail crash.

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