Men in the wild

Unidentified hunters with deer. Photo from Joshua Hodson's collection.
Unidentified hunters with deer. Photo from Joshua Hodson’s collection.

Their identities remain lost, but Joshua Hodson apparently knew them well enough to go off hunting along a frozen river. For a father of a growing family, it was more than sport. It could mean meat on the table. I’d love to know who they are and how they connected to the family.


It’s a more active site than I expected

The frequency of hits on the Orphan George Chronicles continues to surprise me. When I started posting my research findings, I figured they might attract one or two curious family members or stray genealogists in a month. Instead, the site attracts daily hits, and readers who show up here typically delve into multiple chapters.

Sure beats having all of this work sitting in a dusty filing cabinet, especially if any of it can come to the aid of a fellow researcher or inform a curious member of the family.

I feel I’ve taken this about as far as I can in a lifetime, and it’s time for others to pick up in extending the field. So what can I do now that I’ve largely retired from active research?

One is to look at some lessons gleaned that might help other genealogists, especially those just starting out. And some issues where we, as researchers, just might open up a discussion. So I think that’s where we’re headed.

Along the way, we can expect to have some fun, too. Who says history has to be deadly serious?

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to your returning.


While we’re at it, any other sites you want to recommend or have found especially useful in your own work? How about your own? Sharing and swapping is the basis for genealogy puzzle-solving, right? Don’t be shy!