Countryside stop

Dad with Mom and possibly Myrl and T.J. behind what might be a large barn. Other than that? We have only the atmosphere.


A Binkley plea

Annette Stewart, who has shared some of her Binkley research via postings here, has a new twist. (She is a descendant of Hans Binkley, Felix Binkley, Johnson Binkley, Samuel Binkley, Johnson Binkley, and daughter Catherine Binkley Culbertson Fourman.) Here’s what she says:


I have some new info on early Pennsylvania Binkleys Felix and Anna Binkley and his brother John and Susana Binkley and their descendants. Here’s FYI to descendants from these lines as well as Felix’s other brother Henry.
The Binkley family stones are missing at Mellinger Cemetery for family members Felix and wife Anna, who are Johnson Binkley’s parents. The other family stones of Susana, John, Elizabeth, Johnson, Mary, Veronica and Henrich are in very poor condition and the family wishes to replace them.

If you would like to contribute to this Binkley Stone Project please contact Lee Arthurs, descendant, at 10433 Big Canoe Jasper, GA 30143,, or 770-337-8862 (cell).

Major contributors (donations must be received prior to March 13, 2020) will be inscribed into the back of the rightmost headstone. Dedication ceremony and related activities, which will occur in Lancaster, PA after the new headstones are set, anticipated to occur in mid-May 2020. Contact Lee for detailed PDF file on history and planned stone inscriptions.
See Find a Grave for photos of Johan, Susana, Johnson and wife Elizabeth and their two children, unnamed and Mary McCloy as well as photos of the old stones of Veronica and Henrich, both children of David and Maria Binkley.
Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery is in East Lampeter Twp, Lancaster Co., PA. David Binkley is buried in Binkley Herr Cemetery on the farm in Manor Twp, Lancaster Co., PA.
Thank you.