Kenny with his sisters

As long as I’m thinking of Kenny, here he is with his mother and sisters Wilma and Orpha, at right.


On THE farm

When I was growing up, a trip to the farm meant going to the Binkleys, just outside Phillipsburg. It had two large barns, for one thing, and a woodlot down by the end of the road.

After Uncle Arlie died, Aunt Edna and cousin Kenny continued to live there. Here they’re standing with Grandpa and Grandma.

Do they look like sisters?

When I was old, I enjoyed climbing the former windmill tower, though vines made the effort difficult, and the woodshed also in sight revealed a host of curious objects. Unseen is the outhouse that was still in use, at least as an alternative to the indoor plumbing.

Kenny always enjoyed our visits, but he did sometimes play a little too rough. We learned to roll with it.