As my central blog, Jnana’s Red Barn offers a monthly merry-go-round of postings on Arts & Letters, American Affairs, Home & Garden, my Personal Journey, original Poems and Poetry Footnotes, Quaker Practice, and a selection of often whimsical photos I call Postcards. As I continue sorting through the goods packed away in its loft, I’m revisiting related  book-length writings that also deserve their season in the air, and I’ve opened four related sites, including this one, for that purpose. Please feel welcome to become a regular guest there.

  • Thistle Finch is a free bookstore of my own poetry and related work. The private imprint offers original ebooks in PDF editions for downloading to your own computer or printing out on paper, if you desire. Each week adds a new volume to the shelf.
  • Chicken Farmer I Still Love You engages some of the more prosaic challenges of living in our era. Its Talking Money series comprises a workbook for individuals and groups to use in uncovering and liberating the emotional, spiritual, and practical sides of money, wealth, labor, and time in our personal lives. Other postings look at the Yankee Spirit, including New England’s celebrated foliage.
  • As Light Is Sown includes chapter-length considerations of the central Quaker metaphor. Its first entry is an overview that was originally published as Revolutionary Light and considers the unvoiced but startling implications in early Quaker thinking about Christ and the Everlasting Gospel. Other chapters look at the rich and varied ways early Friends expressed their understanding of what they knew as that Light, often in language I find as powerfully compressed as much of contemporary poetry. There’s also a full year of a Daybook of a Bible quote, short thought from me, and an Elizabeth Bathhurst excerpt from the first generation of Quakers. I’m especially interested in ways we can advance our own thinking and practice nurtured by the roots of these spiritual ancestors.


In addition, my novels and poems are appearing as ebooks at The volumes are available in a variety of digital platforms and may be obtained from many ebook retailers.


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A genealogy regarding Piedmont Quaker pioneer George Hodgson and his lines

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