She was, I’m told, quite colorful

Perhaps if all the research had already been done, we wouldn’t be nearly as engaged. Still, once in a while, we find one of our lines quite thoroughly worked out. This has happened just twice for me – once, with my Ozbun lineage, and again with my McSherry side, the latter because of the work of Agnes Winkleman assisted by Gale Honeyman, who was, I should note, also a Spitler descendant.

She treasured her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Here’s a bit from one of our exchanges.

I mentioned to a good friend of mine who is associated with the Brookville Spitler House about your interest in the Ehrstine family and she put these three pages together …

I have found the Ehrstine Cemetery and it is not where I thought it was. It is located just north of a large shopping center on a narrow road that is much traveled.

            Agnes Winkleman, 1985


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