Potato wagon

Dad was born on a rented farm near Verona, which Grandpa worked before moving to the city of Dayton. Here Dad sits on a load of potatoes. Even though this is the early 1920s, Grandpa is still relying on horses. These are the kinds of details photos can add to a family history.

Keeping time in eternity

Last week I mentioned Jesse Haines, the Hall of Fame Baseball pitcher. He was a pious man who kept his personal integrity in an often ribald profession, and when he retired from pitching, he was given a sundial, which he treasured so much it became part of his gravestone in Bethel Cemetery just north of […]

Some fresh Binkley documentation

One of the joys of doing genealogy comes in hearing from others who are working a related part of the puzzle. The point of creating this blog, in fact, was to make my files more accessible and useful to others. Last October, Annette Sease Stewart piped up with comments on her Binkley roots. While I […]

Uncle Arlie

Arlie Binkley was Grandma’s brother-in-law, but he was also one of my grandfather’s two best friends. From everything I’ve learned, I’d say he’s the better of the two — which is saying something, considering that the other was the bishop. The little I remember of Uncle Arlie was that he was a very kind and […]