How does she strike you? Serious? Stern?

One of the photos Vivian Meek Bibler sent along was of our great-grandmother, Alice McSherry, as a young woman. Vivian said her family also thought Alice looked rather forbidding or at least not what we’d call happy. Well, she was a schoolteacher at one point. They do have to carry some authority, don’t they? (I expect to be scolded on that aside. Vivian is a retired teacher herself.)

I would lay some of the expression to the reality of having to hold a pose for several seconds without moving or even blinking.

You choose which interpretation you want, or even suggest another.

This is a portrait I hadn’t previously seen.

As for the elaborate dress, we should remember that her mother and one sister were milliners, a leap away from Joshua’s roots in Quaker plainness.

Well, the  times were changing, even for that Quaker discipline.


2 thoughts on “How does she strike you? Serious? Stern?”

  1. I believe they (Ruby and Golay Meek ) raised milk cows, as I recall stories from my father about getting up early to milk the cows before school. They also had a few pigs. One Sunday, after Church, we drove to Indiana for a visit. My brother and sister thought it was a great idea to set me up on a pig — while in my Sunday best. My mother was not pleased!!
    This seemed to be a common occurrence, as they put me on the back of a horse, which I promptly fell off of and broke my arm.
    I so enjoy your blog!

  2. And I so enjoy your stories that add to the picture. I have a vague feeling they put me on a horse there, too, but stayed right beside me. We’ll see what more gets stirred up as we continue!

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