Greetings to all

Here we are, a day shy of the date given – without support – as Orphan George’s birthday. Not that Quakers would have celebrated.

What I would like to celebrate, though, is the conclusion of the serialized branch of the family that Michael Howard Hodgson shared through the past year. Yay! I still believe it’s a remarkable document of family movement westward in generations across the frontier.

I’m hoping it will inspire other family members who have documents or artwork to contribute to do so. The blog’s open!

Before the postings return to Ohio, for now, let me return to our North Carolina roots.

Researchers who go to the old Quaker minute books can expect to face pages like this.

A page from the New Garden Friends men’s meeting minutes that include mention of Orphan George’s son, George, my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.


And the New Garden Friends meetinghouse in Guilford County, North Carolina, is one our family knew well.

The exterior in its later years.


And what to expect inside, seen from the men’s side of the room. The vertical shutters seen as open windows across the middle of the room could be closed for business sessions, with the women handling their own agenda.


Remember, too, this blog has other centers of action, including much from my Pennsylvania Dutch background as it was transplanted into southwest Ohio.

This year we’ll be paying special attention to my grandfather and grandmother, who I had pretty much leapt over in trying to learn about my roots. It gets rather personal.

So, yes, we’re returning to Ohio … unless you have something to take us elsewhere!


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