On hawks and owls and free schoolbooks

Continuing with Gerald Nathan Hodgson’s Northwest family narrative, with thanks to Michael Howard Hodgson:

Hawks and owls were much more common in my youth than they are today. People shoot them and their natural prey is more scarce. The hawks were mostly large grey hawks or the smaller blue hawks. I never saw a redtail until two or three years ago and they didn’t seem to frighten the chickens. Of course, a chicken knows when a hawk is acting threatening. Redtails are supposed to be harmless. The owls were horned owls with ears like a cat.

In recently reading the life of Huey Long, I could understand what a real talking point he had in his first campaigns when he advocated state purchase of books for school children. Under his control, Louisianans did buy books for all school children, black or white. regardless of the kind of school they attended. He got around state limitations by buying them for the children, rather than for the school. Great quantities of stored up books collected from small districts were fed into the Orient furnace after consolidation.



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