On the maternal side

Continuing with Gerald Nathan Hodgson’s Northwest family narrative, with thanks to Michael Howard Hodgson:

Her sisters were Ida, Josie and Ethel. Ida married Charles Lehman; Ethel — James Rush (Rusch); Josie first married Grant Horton — lived here for awhile in the Rock Cut area (on the Ed Olson place, as it was later known. They sold it to the Jenny Mine for $1100. Olson obtained it from the County by tax-title purchase during the depression following the crash of 1929. and left for Canada in 1909. Her marriage to Grant Horton went on the rocks and she has been married several times. She has one daughter, Mrs. Ruby L. Hoag, Barrhead, Alberta. Her maiden name was Ostertag (Easterday). As of last report, Josie was still living — 89 years old, Christmas 1970. Address — Ella J. Beecroft, Hillcrest Lodge, Room 12, Barrhead, Alberta, Canada.

Mom grew up with a cousin who lived in her home, what was once sometimes known as ‘woods colt’ — not so common then as now but never really unusual.

John Palmer Beard farmer). [??], he got religion (Baptist, I think) in his teens and retained his abiding faith for nearly 90 years. His home was in Forest Grove, Illinois, and he died at about the same time Mom did. He was very anti-Catholic and was firmly convinced that the Roman Church was the true daughter of “the great whore that sitteth on seven hills.”

There was another child [Annie] who died at an early age as a result of oversetting a kettle of boiling liquid on herself.


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