Family squabbles

Continuing with Gerald Nathan Hodgson’s Northwest family narrative, with thanks to Michael Howard Hodgson:

To get back to Dad’s early life — his home, when he was there, provided a strongly religious atmosphere — grace at meals — morning and evening prayers.

Which brings to mind the story that Dad told of the squabble he had with his parents and sisters over a book they were reading. They had started reading it the evening before and read till quite late and then got up in the morning and went on from there till mid-morning. Dad started the squabble because he wanted his breakfast and apparently thought a little sanity ought to be brought back to the family. In the midst of the squabble a neighbor came and wanted Dad to do some work for him. In some embarrassment and perhaps a certain grim glee, Dad told him in front of the others that he couldn’t go right then because she had not had his breakfast yet. He said his mother later agreed after they had all cooled down that they should not have permitted the story to carry them away like that. If it had been me, I would have simply gone to the kitchen and got myself some food. The chances are, Dad was listening too and finally just. decided it was time to call a halt.


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