Samuel’s line

1965 Hodson Reunion – Samuel Hodson Family

2 thoughts on “Samuel’s line”

  1. Not sure “where” to actually post this but I believe I found or was introduced to you from Wayne Watkins and thru you possibly met Wilma Binkley Creager?
    Wilma and I are related thru Binkleys as well as the Thomas, Huddle and Taylor families. In reading your genealogy about the Binkley’s dated 2013 I have info about the Landis family sent to me by Gale Honeyman. Also some land purchase records involving Felix Binkley and the Dohner’s suit over the mill rights and damages from Fred Troutwine. His family is the Dohners.
    There has been much work done on the “early” PA Binkley’s by Lee Arthurs and the Binkley group website. They are also investigating the Switzerland roots.
    I descend too from Johnson Binkley and Mary Nelson. Mary died after Catherine Elizabeth Binkley, 1834, was born. Johnson then remarried and had two more children. Mary and Samuel H. Binkley who Wilma descends from. I descend from one and only child of Johnson and Mary, Catherine Elizabeth.
    I wanted to back up a generation to Samuel Binkley and Catherine Beam. Their daughter, Catharine born 1826 and died 18_7 (can’t read but have document) was burnt in a fire and died. This is not the same Catherine who was daughter of Johnson and Mary and married a Fourman in 2nd marriage.
    Also Catherine Elizabeth was first married to Samuel Culbertson in 1851. After he died, Catherine married John Fourman. This was her daughter Marietta Fourman father-in-law.
    This is an interesting blog and enjoy the stories especially about the German Baptist. I have some photos of Binkley’s but not sure if Johnson and first wife or possibly second? Is there a place to send them to post?
    Thank you
    Annette Sease Stewart

    1. Wayne sounds like a good possibility. I left some research notes at the Brookville Historical Society and several years later, in a single afternoon working there, got a ton of answers to things I never would have turned up from here in New Hampshire.
      Wilma was very close to my father … they were six months apart. She proved very helpful after his death when I realized I needed to get answers to my grandparents’ generation while I could still get some first-person responses to questions. Much of that will appear in good time.
      Gale Honeyman, of course, belongs in the genealogical hall of fame. His thoroughness and generosity are unsurpassed.
      I just sent you an email to provide you a way to send me the photos. I’d love to share them with the rest of the world. You never know who else might come along and add to our insights and information.
      The lawsuit aspect sounds interesting, too.
      Glad you’re enjoying the posts. And, yes, the German Baptist Brethren need to be better known.

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