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Zimri Hodgson homestead
Zimri Hodgson homestead

From Carol Ann Hodgson comes this 1893 photo of her great-grandfather Zimri Hodgson’s homestead in Illinois. She notes that Zimri is seated and her grandfather, Albert, stands second from the right.

Born in Clinton County, Ohio, in 1829, Zimri was the son of Jonathan Hodgson (son of Hur and Achsah Dillon Hodgson) and Rebecca Hodgson (daughter of Amos and Mary Barnett Hodgson). He moved to Streator, where he owned land, and then later purchased land and moved near Forrest, Illinois, in Livingston County about 1860. He died in 1902.

Carol Ann was struck by the similarities in the photo to those of another of Hur’s grandsons, William, who relocated to Tazewell County.

Her  brother, Loren, farms that homesteaded family farm and has lived in the farmhouse since the early 1960s.



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