Josie Jones’ album

At her death, Josephine Jones Hodson left a collection of small photographs — some of them tiny tintypes — and mostly without identification. Others are identified but I have no idea how they fit into her circle of family and friends.

Taken in the last two decades of the 19th century, these portraits with their fashionable attire — including jewelry — reflect a Midwestern Quaker culture that was rapidly moving away from the Plain witness of its past.

Most were photographed at studios in Van Wert, Ohio, while others were taken in Knightstown, New Castle, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, and in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here are some of them. (Remember, for an enlarged view, just click on the image: remarkably, some of them, this way, are more viewable than the originals.)


2 thoughts on “Josie Jones’ album”

  1. All these unknown pictures. So many stories we may never know. A lesson for us to make sure our pictures have the needed information on them.

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